What is Life Coaching?
A life coach is a change expert, who helps you find solutions to your unique situation. Whatever your situation, issue, challenge, dream…a life coach can help you achieve your desired goal.

Here is what some clients and various life coaches say about Life Coaching…

  • “Coaching is like having a personal trainer for every area of your life.”
  • “Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth.” ( J. Whitmore)
  • “Coaching is the art and practice of guiding a person or group from where they are toward the greater competence and fulfillment that they desire.” (G. Collins)
  • “Coaching is practicing the disciplines of believing in people in order to empower them to change.” (T. Stoltzfus)
  • “Coaching is the art of helping people grow without telling them what to do.”
  • “The coaching relationship is one of partnership and collaboration, is high commitment, professional, growth -oriented with clear, written expectations and concrete goals.”
  • “Coaching is a support structure for change and growth, always focussing on future potential, not past mistakes.
  • "Gina just helps bring it out by asking the right questions. Our Conversations came naturally and I never felt pressured or uncomfortable with any of the questions Gina would ask."
  • "Gina held me accountable to the steps I needed to take to achieve my goals."
  • "Gina guided me and helped me put things in perspective. So I will continue to work with the information and new knowledge."
  • "Through our sessions, we explored the reasons behind career paths I'd chosen. I affirmed things I was passionate about and I realized there were fears that I'd not wanted to deal with. From the questions asked, I found out my lack of confidence and doubts were impeding my job search. "
  • "Gina was aways willing to take the time to talk, teach, and support me. Gina also gave me the much needed direction that I was searching for."
  • "The part I love about coaching is that it really bring the thoughts I have inside me out."
A life coach is a change expert who helps you find the solutions to your unique situation. Whatever your situation, issue, challenge, dream….a life coach can help you achieve your goal.
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